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    Club de Boxeo Juanito Candia

    Club de boxeo tanto recreativo como competitivo para hombres y mujeres sobre 15 años. Buen nivel técnico y excelente disposicion a ayudar de parte de entrenadores y compañeros.   Boxing club both recreative and competitive for men and women over 15 years old. Good technical level and excellent disposition to read more

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    Savage Boxing & Fitness

    Savage Boxing & Fitness will bring together health, self-defense and the joy of working out into one unique facility. Soon to be located in northeast Bergen County, NJ, Savage Boxing & Fitness will cater to all types of people, from the most competitive to the average person just looking for read more

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    Warzone Boxing Club

    We offer training in Professional Boxing, Amateur Olympic Boxing Competition, Self-Defense and Fitness. From 4yr Olds to 17yr Olds Beginners weeekend Classes to Mens Non-Competition Boxing.

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    Seattle Boxing Gym

    We provide a great alternative to the traditional gym. We can assist you in achieving your personal fitness goals with custom, professional, one-on-one training sessions. We also offer group classes – combining stretching, cardio and core conditioning for all fitness levels. Go to for more information.

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    MACH1 Kampfsportschule

    Wir bieten euch Kick-Boxen, Sportkarate, Boxen, MMA, Fitness Kick-Boxen, Manager Boxen, Zirkeltraining/Cross-Fit, spezielles Kinder und Jugendtraining, Wettkampftraining an. Meldet euch einfach zu einem der regelmäßig startenden Anfängerkurse an und kommt zu einem unverbindlichen kostenlosen Probetraining, ihr seit herzlich Willkommen. Egal ob Hobbysportler oder Wettkämpfer wir bringen euch nach vorne!

  • One Round Boxing Club

    In (un-official) association with the Southern Illinois University of Carbondale’s Boxing Club, this club trains members to compete at amateur and professional levels of fighting. Currently have a head coach and assistant coach, both certified through USA Boxing.   We welcome all ages, both genders, any experience level. There are read more

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    Tj’s Boxing Academy

    Tj’s Boxing Academy is a full service boxing gym, where people of all ages and skill levels can come and receive professional personal training while learning the “Sweet Science” of boxing. Whether your goal is weight loss, to improve your cardio, tone up your muscles, or to persue a career read more